それによると、EveryDNSがDyn Inc.に売却されたとのこと。



To the EveryDNS community,

Since starting EveryDNS in June of 2001 while a freshman in college, my goal has always been to provide simple, reliable and secure DNS services to the Internet community. I’m proud to say that we’ve lived up to that mission and delivered robust DNS services to over 400,000 domains. Nearly 9 years later, it’s now time to put the service in more capable hands and I’m happy to announce that I’ve found a great home for EveryDNS. I have sold the EveryDNS service to Dyn Inc., the operators of the immensely popular DynDNS.com service.

Over the many years of running EveryDNS I have been fortunate to build up relationships and friendships within the industry, particularly Jeremy Hitchcock and Tom Daly, the CEO and CTO respectively of Dyn Inc. In getting to know them I have learned that we share similar values in our desire to deliver world-class services to our customers and the Internet community at large.

In looking to transition the ownership of EveryDNS, I had a number of really exciting options, but none made as much sense as a sale to Dyn Inc. They have a growing staff that is ready to work with me and all of you to ensure that the transition is a smooth one.

Here are links to the press release, and a blog post by Dyn Inc. CEO Jeremy Hitchcock:

Announcement: http://www.dyn.com/everydns-aquisition
Blog post: http://www.dyn.com/dd-welcome-everydns

I’ve also prepared a short Q&A to answer some immediate questions that might come up:

1) Will my DNS service be interrupted?
Absolutely not. While we’re working to transition services over to the Dyn infrastructure, we will do everything possible to ensure it’s a seamless and painless transition for you.

2) Do I have to do anything or make any changes?
Nope. You will be given plenty of notice if you have to do anything. But in the short term, nothing is changing.

3) Will the service remain free?
While we don’t 100% have the answer to that yet, we will not be making any changes to the service you are currently receiving for the foreseeable future. We will be discontinuing signups in the near future but existing accounts will remain active and fully functional.

The Dyn Inc. team and I will be communicating more information in the coming weeks and months, but if you have an immediate question or comment, please send it to questions (at) everydns (dot) com

Thank you,

David Ulevitch
Founder, EveryDNS